Commercial Aviation

“A” System Hydraulics, Inc. offers a wide rage of services to include All Boeing Heritage fleet types B707 thru B777, Douglas Heritage fleet types DC-9, MD-80 thru MD90, DC-10 thru MD11, Airbus Heritage fleet types A300 thru A321 Aircraft and other OGM components. Systems include Flight Control, Landing Gear, Servo Actuation, Pumps, Flap & Slat Actuation and many more.

Our facility utilizes the latest in Equipment, Materials, and Technical Information to produce safe and reliable components. Our state of the art inventory tracking system allows for seamless tracking of parts and subcomponents with full two-way traceability from purchase to installation.

Automated barcode labeling and production tracking & control ensure total oversight throughout the entire maintenance process. Online access to O.E.M. Manuals, Service Bulletins, Technical Drawings and Tooling information enables us to perform Repair and Modification tasks with the latest most up to date information available.